Our Unique 3-D Lifestyle Planning

DISCOVER:  Learn your non-financial & financial goals. 

DESIGN:  Create individual strategies to address your most important problems.

DO IT:  Implement all the action steps that are focused squarely on accomplishing your goals.

Our pledge: This process will perpetually be in motion throughout our relationship.

Does it surprise you that discovering your non-financial goals is just as important to us as learning about your financial goals?  We believe that when we understand you as completely as possible, we can guide you through a variety of life's challenges.  And our people know that we encourage and facilitate coordination with professionals in other disciplines so that you have a professional alliance working toward achieving your goals.  

The “3-D Process” recognizes that people have unique perspectives, values, and priorities that change over time. It is our belief that how we use God’s financial gifts for the short period of time we have them can impact our children, grandchildren, and society as a whole.  We believe it reduces financial worries, increases confidence, and creates freedom to live fulfilling lives.  If you agree with this, joining the Heritage Wealth Managers family may be right for you.

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